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Resource List (2017)


Resource List 2017

Nutrition and HIV (2011) edited by Vivian Pibram

This book delivers comprehensive, evidenced–based information on the nutritional management of HIV patients covering a wide range of topics.

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Diet sheets and patient information tools

DHIVA is collaborating with Nutrition and Dietetic Resources UK (formerly SNDRI) to develop patient education tools specifically for HIV patients. These resources will include a range of topics from cardiovascular health to bone disease. They are currently being developed and it is hoped they will be published by July 2013.

NAM: aidsmap have recently updated their booklet on nutrition which provides an overview on diet and nutrition for those living with HIV.

DHIVA has produced a leaflet for dietitians working in the area of HIV to use to help promote their dietetic service.

Summary Reports

Summary report – Nutrition and IVDU’s (Scottish DHIVA 2008)

Summary report – Lipoatrophy (Scottish DHIVA 2007)


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